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Nichelle Nichols began her professional singing and dancing career in her home town, Chicago, at the tender age of 14. As a teenager, she was discovered by the great Duke Ellington who hired her to choreograph and perform a ballet for one of his musical suites, and finished the tour as his lead singer. Nichelle…Read More

Larry Fuller

Larry Fuller, (aka “A. Christian White”) is one of the undisputed kings of the Underground Comix era. Along with other such notables as Richard “Grasshopper” Green, Guy Colwell, and his long-time pardner and friend, Raye Horne, he left an indelible mark in the history of comic books. These gentlemen made sure that the voices of…Read More

Turtel Onli

Onli is a creative artist whose career has touched upon a variety of disciplines. He has been an art therapist, educator, and illustrator. He has also distinguished himself in painting, drawing, illustration, publishing, fashion, and multimedia production. This includes an extensive exhibition and publication record. He is known for having coined the term Rhythmistic to…Read More

Tony Tallarico

Born in Brooklyn, NY Attended: School of Industrial Arts, School Visual Arts Lives in Valley Stream, NY with Bride, Elvira (44 Years) Freelance Cartoonist, Illustrator, Author of over 1,000 children’s books…including “WHERE ARE THEY?” series that has sold over 11 million copies world-wide. Also, “I CAN DRAW…” series as well as “FUN-FILLED” series, “ENCYCLOPEDIA”, “DICTIONARY”,…Read More

Bertram Fitzgerald

Silver Age comics writer and publisher Bertram Fitzgerald was honored with the festival’s Pioneer Award. In a time when the re-ascension of the superhero genre began crowding out comics of other genres, Fitzgerald was unique in that not only did he fashion a career self-publishing historical comics, but he did so for a historically underserved…Read More

Samuel Joyner

In an ongoing quest to bring recognition to our pioneering Cartoonists of Color, we present an illustrator whose resume & portfolio of art has successfully endured five decades. Born in 1924 to an entrepreneurial Philadelphia interior house painter is Samuel Joyner. By the age of 7 he drew imitations of cartoons in the daily paper.…Read More

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